Segal Family Foundation and FOHSEN Announce Partnership

Dakar, Senegal, March 18th 2022—FOHSEN announced today a new partnership with American Philanthropy, Segal Family Foundation, to support the development and increase of essential health services around rural communities in Senegal. FOHSEN and Segal will collaborate on strengthening community health initiatives and developing telemedicine technology.

The Segal Family Foundation,  a leading global philanthropy organization works across Sub-Saharan Africa and strives to be true partners to its grantees. It looks to change the power dynamics inherent in traditional philanthropy and prove that a new, more equitable, and responsive approach is not only more fair, but more effective. Segal  and FOHSEN will partner to improve health outcomes throughout rural Senegalese communities by co-creating a telemedicine system and a community health worker program that will accelerate progress on health outcomes in low-resource environments.

As part of the engagement, Segal will support FOHSEN in strengthening its programs that will ensure more effective and efficient use of data from internal and external sources, spurring insights to accelerate ongoing initiatives for FOHSEN. The collaboration will strengthen FOHSEN’s ability to harness senior leadership, scientific expertise, and community knowledge to disrupt the cycle of poor health and tackle health problems such as infant & maternal mortality and malaria. 

Talla Cisse, Executive Director of FOHSEN said, “We are humbled to receive this grant from Segal. Our team recognizes this as a pivotal point in our efforts to improve health problems in resource-challenged corners of Senegal. This partnership will expand our impact and provide us mentoring to develop strategies that take into account the complexities and nuances of health work. Partnering with Segal to support the development of lifesaving instruments and strengthen health systems, is a way for us to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives.”

It is the challenge of creating high-impact technology solutions and an effective community health program, to eliminate health disparities and improve the lives of the most vulnerable, that has inspired the collaboration between FOHSEN and Segal.


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