For our next feature, we will highlight a member of the FOHSEN Family: Marie Haidara 

I am an MBA graduate from Mali, currently living in Morocco. I have previously worked in Marketing/Communications and currently work in the field of education and consultancy. 

I’m most interested in increasing diversity, educational outcomes, and healthcare for the most marginalized communities. Aside from work, I love discovering new cultures and meeting people from all over the world. I look forward to continuing my work with social impact organizations that have a focus on social sustainable development, gender, and social inclusion.

We asked Marie a few questions!  Here’s our interview with her below:

Q: How did you hear about FOHSEN?

A: A friend from my country is an ambassador at FOHSEN. After seeing him share the great work FOHSEN does for the rural community in Senegal, I wanted to be involved. I applied as soon as the communications position was advertised.

Q: What will you be focusing on during your time at FOHSEN

A: My main focus at FOHSEN is leading our communications team in coming up and creating innovative ways to engage with our stakeholders, who are situated all over the world. Going forward, I’m also supporting our programs’ team in its fundraising efforts and donor engagement initiatives. 

Q: What does providing equitable healthcare mean to you?

A: In Senegalese villages, women travel for miles to access healthcare, thanks to FOHSEN this is changing. We are building a maternity clinic in Nganda that will ensure children and their mothers have access to the essential health services they need to live full and healthy lives. For me, that is what equitable healthcare means, giving patients the care they need, when they need it.

Q:Last one – where is your favorite place that you have traveled and why? 

A: My enthusiasm about FOHSEN does not only come from my passion for social causes. Senegal has always had a special place in my heart since my holidays there as a child. I found the country so captivating, full of amazing places with awesome people. Senegal has a great history and strong potential for development, a rich culture as well. Last but not least, the traditional dishes are heavenly. I think everyone deserves to taste their Thieboudienne at least once in a lifetime.

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