How is FOHSEN responding to Covid-19?

March 23rd–FOHSEN is working closely with the mayor of Nganda as well as health professionals such as nurses and midwives to communicate and strengthen our response to Covid-19.

Leveraging our mobile platform, FOHSEN and local officials in Nganda are launching a campaign to educate health workers on COVID-19. This will enable them to educate communities on the virus and how to prevent the spread of it. Health workers will also be trained to identify, isolate and refer suspected cases as well as maintain safety standards at points of entry or high-risk areas to prevent possible transmission.

FOHSEN is committing to donating $2,000 to purchase additional supplies and materials for healthcare workers. With our knowledge of health services, our close involvement with the community , and our wide network throughout the region, FOHSEN plans on:

Supporting national and local leaders to organize preventive measure as needed;

Providing training on infection, prevention and control measures to health workers;

Disseminating educational materials to keep communities informed;

Providing regular updates to healthcare workers;

Advising on workplace preparedness.

For more information, contact us at [email protected].

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