FOHSEN Hosts Free Health Fair

February 8, 2020, Nganda Kaolack, Senegal– An annual health fair that provides free medical services to thousands of rural Senegalese families took place this past weekend in Nganda near the marketplace. The event, organized by volunteers of FOHSEN, serves as an opportunity for community to receive free medical attention.

“We depend on this fair every year. Not only for medicine but advice on how to keep our sugar low,” said a diabetic patient who attended during the first of the two-day fair. A weak health system in rural Senegal limits the availability of quality diagnosis, treatment, prevention and surveillance.

Health care provider Dr. Saloum Cisse stepped up with necessary medication and organization to put on the fair. Additionally, twenty medical doctors and 15 nurses volunteered to make the trek from Dakar, the capital, to Nganda.

“We are always in need of MDs, dentists, hygienist and optometrists,” Cisse said. “We have a few doctors from this community who volunteer each year, but this event would not be successful without the selflessness of the cardiologists, gynecologists, physical therapists and family doctors who dedicated their time to helping this community.”

Over the course of the two days, 1,100 patients were consulted with about 40% of them receiving medication for either diabetes or hypertension. Additionally, they diagnosed 24 onset diabetes—whom received medication and an education referral. Pathologies ranging from Dermatosis, gastroesophageal, reflux and urinary issues were also treated.

As we strive to improve health outcomes, this is an important first step in creating sustainable change.

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