FOHSEN Moves Forward with New Maternity Clinic

Starting this Spring, FOHSEN will take a huge step towards closing the Senegalese health gap and begin to construct Nganda’s first Maternity Clinic.

Consulting with architectural designer Habib B., FOHSEN has landed on a final blueprint for the Maternity Clinic. The building will include private exam rooms, nurse stations, reception and waiting areas for patients, lab facilities, and recovery stations.

Partnering with the Mayor of Nganda, community leaders, and doctors, FOHSEN’s clinic will service over 16,000 residents in surrounding villages. Services provided to locals will include medical screenings, midwife trainings, and health education classes.

Construction will begin after launching of the campaign in March. FOHSEN’s goal is to raise $25,000 by April, all of which will go towards constructing this clinic and providing services that will decrease the infant and maternal mortality rate and treat curable illnesses such as malaria.

To help FOHSEN reach its goal, go to and support our campaign.

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